An All-In-One Feedback Tool…

“…Including Heatmaps & Behavioral Recordings, Feedback Polls & Surveys,
Conversion Funnels & Form Analysis, and loads more…”

An epic launch that insists on

We your privacy.

“Till Date We Paid Out Over $400,000 In Commissions To Our Affiliates!”

We’re Going Live On The 14th of December!

We’re going to open the gates at 10:00am EDT on the 14th of December. The Viral Pre-launch will start 5 days earlier.


Less than 50 sales? Contact us first and let us know how you will promote Convertifire.

What is Convertifire?

Ethically spy on website visitors & customers with heatmaps and behavioral recordings!
Plus more feedback tools like polls, surveys, conversion funnels, and form analysis.


An All-In-One Feedback Tool, including Revealing Heatmaps & Powerful Behavioral Recordings, Feedback Polls & Surveys, Conversion Funnels, and more…



Click maps including confetti, smudge, and element modes!

Find out what your website visitors are clicking on or interacting with, you’ll discover broken parts, and uncover profitable patterns, you’ll instantly know where to put your best call to action, buy buttons, and forms!


Eye-movement maps with Jedi-like powers that boost results!

By seeing what your website visitors are looking at and where they’re spending more time on your pages, you’ll instantly see what parts need more work, resulting in knowing how to improve conversions fast and easy!


Scroll maps providing pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

See where website visitors are dropping off of your page, you’ll get a clear picture how much of your content is actually being read. If they seen your forms, and CTAs, or that part of copy you know that’s going to close the deal!

CCTV-ish Recordings!

Ethically spy on visitors with with never-seen-before features.

No deceiving ‘iFrame method’ the BIG guys use. Compare data sets. Tracking lines, recording heatmaps. session info, and a robust player helping you to understand why a visitor isn’t buying your product.

Plus More…

Convertifire also has features like Feedback Polls & Surveys, Conversion Funnels, Form Analysis, Detailed Reports & Filtering, and more! Convertifire works on any platform, and records everything on desktops, tablets, and phones.

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Convertifire is Cool!

Everyone thinks it’s sexy…

Before we’re taking on the ‘big boys’, Convertifire is going to hit the IM market first. With a steep lifetime discount, our state of the art compression tech, and a whole different way of gathering data, we can promise we’ll deliver a better software at a fraction of the cost. Software training, knowledge base and all other help is neatly presented in our cool looking SaaS.

First… What are Viral Commissions?

We’re not only hardcoding the leads you send over, but also any lead your initial pre-launch lead sends over. You basically get commissions on both direct and indirect referred leads AND visitors, putting way more in your pockets!

Why this will Convert?

There’s a big need for conversion rate optimization in marketing land…

Stats provided by MarketingSherpa, Econsultancy, VentureBeat, and Forbes:

  • 95% of 3,000 marketers surveyed generate ROI from feedback tools
  • Only 52% of companies test pages to find ways to improve conversions.
  • Companies are spending as much at $2,000 a month on CRO tools.
  • 60% of online marketers want to do journey analysis for better conversions.
  • Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates 🙁

Google shows an increased interest in ‘CRO’.

Prelaunch & Launch Dates


9th of December
10:00 AM EDT

Going Live:
14th of December
10:00 AM EDT

Closing Cart:
19th of December
11:59 PM PST


The Funnel

Make up to $300 a Sale! + Recurring 🙂

You’ll get 50% commissions on everything. Upsells are actively promoted inside the saas,
as well as follow up emails and retargeting to maximize your revenue!


Here’s some more information on the funnel!

Convertifire Master Class: An 8 week training course helping to get the most out of Convertifire, topics include – but are not limited to – How to interpret Heatmaps & Recordings, Preparing for Split-testing, Tips & Tricks, and more.

Convertifire Agency: The Agency version allows people to run Convertifire as a service for clients. Less limits on the amount of page views (1 million a day), Unlimited Data Storage, Detailed Client Reporting, and more.

You’ll get 50% commissions on everything!

Convertifire Pro: Including more features like surveys and polls that will help the user make more sense of all the data, conversion funnels which will help track conversions, and Real-Time Recordings where people can follow visitors recordings as they happen live. Plus a commercial license so they can use Convertifire for their clients.

Cloud Based Storage: This is the storage functionality. Since Convertifire is a WordPress plugin all data will be stored locally on their server. Convertifire is optimized in such a way that recordings and heatmaps don’t require a lot of space. However, we came to understanding that some users might need this cloud based storage.

Reseller Licenses: We’ve put together a few packages ranging all the way up to $299. Your subs will be able to resell access tokens, the buyer simply has to go to a special page and redeem access.

You’ll get 50% commissions on everything!

Over $10,000.00 in Cash Prizes!

Plus EXTRA Cash Prizes Throughout The Launch!


You’re allowed to team up with two people other than yourself. Please make sure you’ll let us know before we are opening the gates. If you’re solo and you hit the top 10 of the leaderboard you’re not allowed to team up anymore. Happy mating 😀


Daily Contests

We’re having some cool daily contests during the launch, contest rules will be sent to you via email. Be sure to sign up to the JV notification list!

What Are Others Saying?

They are happy, just like you’ll be!


“He’s always 100% devoted to make sure he only released top-notch products – which is why I’m (more than happily) referring my customers to them. His funnels convert really well , and he’s a cool dude.”Wilco de Kreij

..Whenever Stefan launches I’m IN..

“The fact his launches always give me double digit EPCs is really cool! His offers always convert! Customers thank me for recommending a top quality product and I get a ton of cash in return!”Sam Bakker

  • ..I Already Know I'm Going To Have A Very Profitable Promotion..

    "Stefan has emerged into the marketplace with an incredible authority that only comes as a result of producing amazing products and producing great statistics for his JV partners, myself included. If you're looking for someone solid in the industry to run a promotion for, and if Stefan has something coming up then jump on it."

    Brad Stephens
  • ..This Is One Promotion I Am Guaranteed To Make Good Money In..

    Stefan has put out some great products and every time I have jumped on to promote them, they have converted BEAUTIFULLY! I pay close attention to when he is launching and start prepping in advance, as this is one promotion I am guaranteed to make good money in. If you get a chance, jump on his launch!"

    Neil Napier
  • ..You Don't Need A Second Thought On Promoting Him It Will Convert Well..

    "I love promoting Stefan just for the main reason his products are what the market needs and they work. He has an eye for design and thats reflected well in all his products. He supports his products, and i know my customers are taken care of when i send customers his way. "

    Karthik Ramani
  • ..Definitely A Guy You Want To Support..

    "Stefan always come through when it comes to launches. The cool thing about these guys is they don't just don't do half-ass promos. They have a good relationship with their list and JVs so when they commit to something they put in REAL effort. Definitely a guy you want to support and having them promote for you as well."

    Neil Bosley

Reasons To Promote

  • A product that works and is needed in every niche and market.
  • Exclusive opportunity to sell our exclusive lifetime deal.
  • You get 50% ongoing commissions across the funnel.
  • Deep re-targeting with naked links
  • Follow-up sequences to get the most out of your traffic.


We your privacy.

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